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Want to get spanked tonight bad girl

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E-mail me there please. I want to find a sincere man, attentive and careful. Hot Cougar Wanted guy here with a nice thick cock.

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She wanted to play the bad girl, but look like the adorable wife who simply wanted tonigth romantic evening That's just how it works in the married world, but not tonight. You know that I am photographing your bottom and you blush deeply. There will be no bottom rubbing or you will be sorry.

I position you so you can hold on to the edge of the table dpanked push your head down onto the tabletop. I reach between your parted legs and find what I am seeking.

As you turn your head toward Me, I grab you and bend you over the side of the table and you brace yourself with your hands on the table. At first you wiggle and then you bounce trying to move away from the spanks but you hold on tightly to the table edge, knowing that any interruptions will only make things worse and the sooner this is over the better it will be for you. With your long, chestnut brown hair cascading down your back and over your shoulders like a brown waterfall you wait, with your head down, for the inevitable.

I continue on with the strokes until the full 20 minutes has lapsed. You are startled when My voice comes across the room to you.

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Just a pure and simple ass whipping, understand? "Good," I say, "Now can you tell me why Bav going to forgo my pleasure with you today my dear?" I'll bet you wish there was a different reason for you to be in this. NEED more of DAUGHTER PUSSY in life. As I do, you can't help but moan, softly closing your eyes and enjoying this last bit of pleasure before things get serious.

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19 GIRLS FEEL THE CANE WITH THE LAST GIRL GETTING CANED FOR FUCKING. Do you understand, my naughty girl? A minute or two passes before I speak again. I will then take up the paddle and paddle your blushing bottom for another 20 minutes.

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I do not allow any rest between swats as I want your ass to catch fire quickly. Your legs tremble and your ass sways back and forth slightly as the fire rages in your ass. You let out a gril squeal of delight. Further, all members of this dating site MUST be 18 years or older.

You know I am examining My handiwork before continuing. Your stunning looks are not confined to the clothes you wear, however. I lightly rub My hand over your flaming ass and you shudder, drawing in a breath as you feel My touch.

This isn't the first time you and My paddle have met and the last time the impression it left on you lasted for a long time. "Such a naughty girl you are your pussy is already wet. After that you will be sent to your room to stand in your corner until I come to get you.

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Secondly it also has a delightful tendency to hold the burn in place longer than it would otherwise! Then I stop My assault on your bottom and as you kneel on the table with your ass on fire, you hear Me pick up the paddle. In between these different steps I will pause and let what I have done to you take effect.

k 90% 8min - p. Then back up the inside of the left thigh, and down the inside of the right one, intentionally neglecting your drooling pussy and smirking as you moan at My crop. With your hands at your sides you stand before Me waiting.

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I apply a light coating of the oil to your upturned ass cheeks rubbing it around and tonkght it in. First there is the matter of your punishment to attend to. I set the camera down and pick up the crop. For more information on how this works.

I allow you this brief bit of pleasure knowing that once I begin spanking you, it will be days before you could sit comfortably again. Our son was sleeping over a friend's house so I was anxious to get home.

You wait anxiously for the first stroke to fall, but instead you hear the whir geet the digital camera. It's time for the crop. You try valiantly to hold back the tears, I will credit you for that, but that damn paddle reduces you to tears every time and just ten minutes into the paddling you are crying openly and begging Me to stop. I can tell you are getting turned on by the rituals of your punishment.

As a member of Spanking Chat City, your profile will automatically be shown on related spanking chat sites or to related users in the network at no additional charge. If I catch you gigl that red ass, we will start all over. As a member of Spanking Personalyour profile will automatically be shown on related spanking dating sites or to related users in the network at no additional charge.

On the coffee table directly spanekd front of you, I have placed a few select items het tonight's activity Involuntarily you raise your head up from the table, dropping the chain and turning to face Me.

So once your nipples are stiff and hard, I attach the first clamp, tightening it until I am certain it won't fall off.