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Each shot leading up to when Beth pulls the trigger, matches Mary Alice killing herself - i. The two ponder at the possibility of whether to continue making the best out of their lives and they walk down the road, smiling as Mike leans on Susan for support.

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Beth thanks her, explaining that this is the most important thing she has ever done. As she falls to the ground, doctors and the very same nurse that Beth last had a conversation with attend to her body though her head is unseen, making it unclear whether or not Beth has truly been killed by the gunshot.

However, Juanita is proud of herself and thinks she has done really well. Mike has a row with the group's leader but Susan pulls him away.

Sheree whitfield of 'real housewives of atlanta' seeking info on missing mother

Juanita is devastated as she worked so hard and won't get to perform. She explains that she has been going through a difficult time and to be able to do this for Susan will give her a purpose and means everything to her. She says that Renee should babysit Paige for an evening as a test run and Renee agrees. With the help of Lynette housewvies Gaby, she sets up a line so the neighbours can get tested.

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As the two begin to make love to each other, Civil War reenactors interrupt them, revealing that Susan and Mike have accidentally stumbled on a film set. Elsewhere, Susan goes to the hospital with Mike and discovers that her condition is deteriorating.

As a Seaarching, Bree, along with Lynette, Gabrielle hoksewives Renee, helps to organize a trap to have most of Wisteria Lane and nearby neighborhood's residents in her house so as to have everyone blood-tested to see who can be Susan's kidney donor. Was this review helpful to you? The two then agree to have a night out with Paige although Renee expresses that Paige should be by Lynette's side as she might do something wrong again to Paige.

When Paul confronts her, she points out that he is angry with her mother, not her.

The real housewives of atlanta

Leave your comments below! The title of the episode comes from the name of a song in Stephen Sondheim 's musical Sweeney Todd.

The one thing that I'm still mad about this show is how they killed Mike Delfino played by James Denton because now the show leaves with Susan played by Teri Hatcher without her husband, MJ Mason Vale Cotton with no dad and her daughter Julie played by Andrea Bowen without her step dad. However, her mother berates her for being so stupid as to not get the confession on tape and that Beth is useless to her, telling the guards to remove her daughter from the visitor list. Lynette is emotional and explains that Renee wouldn't understand because she never had children.

This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this to help users provide their addresses. Susan tells him that she will live through this as she wants to live with Mike until they're old and see M. The woman is now reunited with her family.

Recap - 'desperate housewives': 'searching'

Later, Susan suggests that they renew their vows but Mike is continually interrupted by a bird and Serching up knocking it out with a stone. Whitfield, who was one of the original cast members of the hit Bravo reality series, posted on her verified Instagram Tuesday that she had been "hesitant to post my concerns for my mother's safe return because, although I have been in close contact with the police for the past two weeks, I'm also pretty private when it comes to my family.

In the next episode, however, it is revealed that Beth has died, being the second wife of Paul Young to commit suicide, after Mary Alice Young who did the same thing in the show's pilot episode. That night, as Lynette and Tom enjoy being in a restaurant without hearing any of their children's needs, they are surprised to see that Renee is at the Searchijg restaurant with Paige but with a man, implying she's on a date while babysitting Paige, something that Lynette completely disapproves of.

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Later, Juanita returns home from tap class but complains that it is too difficult. However, Paul confirms that he did kill Martha and Beth is shocked. She goes to see Felicia, but receives no sympathy as Felicia says she Searchig Beth.

However, he points out that Lee is on stage, proudly hugging Jenny and giving her flowers. As she thanks the nurse for being kind she leaves the counter for a moment, a smiling Beth then pulls a gun out of her purse and shoots herself in the head. Susan tries to tend the wound but Mike prevents her from doing so, saying that he should be the one taking care of her instead of her for him. Gabrielle then convinces her to not let her talent go to waste and Juanita gives in.

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Eventually, she discovers Fr and Tom standing with Paige. Lee says it is his job to make sure Jenny sticks with the violin. He explains that it feels like Susan is getting ready to die and is bailing on him. Houdewives before the talent show ends, Gabrielle gains the courage to have Juanita perform after revealing where her shoes are and as Juanita performs onstage, a proud Gabrielle smiles at her daughter's accomplishment.

Eventually, the nurse agrees to make sure the forms get to the right place just to keep Beth quiet. Annoyed, Gabrielle forces Juanita to try tap dancing in the talent show.

With nothing else left in her life, Beth ignores Bree's decision and goes to the hospital. In the lift, Susan asks Mike if they can celebrate their anniversary with a picnic in the park. Elsewhere in the episode, Renee goes over to help Lynette clear out Porter and Preston's room. Lynette Scavo Felicity Huffman is shocked to learn that Renee Perry Vanessa Williams is considering to have of her own whether or not she'll adopt or birth it.