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Hike along the DuBois

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Guests always love walking the wooden boardwalks to grab a bite to eat, or bring home a souvenir.

Read about some of our favorite trails, and how to find them: Bonneville Pass in full bloom. I shoveled breakfast into my mouth and checked to make sure my backpack was fully stocked as my head cleared from the coffee I gulped between bites and pack additions.

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They are a highlight for many guests! A lot of snow.

If you are feeling adventurous and the conditions are right, check out the natural waterslide at the falls. A wealth of old logging ro penetrate into this part of the forest. I drove through the deserted streets of Lander to the spot where I was to meet my companions.

Image: Lois Wingerson The Badlands of western Wyoming are breathtaking, and one of the best vantage points near Dubois is from the top of Table Mountain. Hike into the Winds to camp in pristine Wilderness on a campsite of your de. Follow it to the right northwest to go to Whiskey Mountain. The Frontier Creek Trail le to a petrified forest. The Silas Lakes trail branches to the right and is a worth venture.

Hiking in dubois, wy

With a roundtrip distance of about 3 miles, you get beautiful scenery as you follow the Middle Fork of the Popo Agie River. This is an all-day hike only for those in the best condition. You can decide mid-morning you want to get into the mountains and still get in 12 miles. The lower Popo Agie Falls greet hikers with a promise of even more a few hundred yards beyond.

There is a hike for every season, every ability, and every contingency right out your back door. Be sure to use plenty of sunscreen and take plenty of water, a hat, bear spray available at many stores in Duboisand a Forest Service map and topo map, since cell service is fickle and apps may not work.

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Drive about 17 miles west of Dubois and turn left onto Forest Service road to enter this popular camping area. A few words for the wise: Hiking at altitudes above 7, feet can be challenging and perilous. The trail starts by crossing a fun suspension bridge. Double Cabin and Horse Creek.

From the rocky Wind River mountains, to the red-hued Badlands, there are plenty of breathtaking sights to see. What to do in Dubois, Wyoming and the surrounding area.

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Lots of fun for the whole family! The falls are still impressive even when the run-off is low and when the conditions are right, alkng pools form complete with a natural water slide.

If you want some more distance, there are plenty alogn trips that will take you as long as your feet are willing to go. Go right toward the Glacier Trail.

Local guides in the area can take you to their favorite spots, or you can go solo. You can set alohg to visit mountain peaks, hidden lakes or desert landscapes. AllTrails has 23 great hiking trails, trail running trails, views trails and more, with hand-curated trail maps and driving directions as well as detailed reviews and photos from hikers, campers, and nature lovers like you.

It travels through town along the old railroad right-of-way and will take you to multiple monuments and historical markers. The Frontier Creek Trail le to a petrified forest that once abounded with fragments of trees turned to stone, before hordes of hikers pilfered them all away. About half a mile from the trailhead, the trail branches.

Remote, yet remarkable. spectacular and serene. find yourself in dubois

To reach it, take the trail on the right rather than zlong the bridge over the waterfall. That will take you to a large parking lot, which is the starting point for Lake Louise, Whiskey Mountain and the Glacier Trail.

Review of Whiskey Basin Reviewed January 18, The three-lakes region a few miles east of Dubois contains quiet lakes ideal for kayaking or canoeing, fascinating petroglyphs if you know where to find them; ask at the Dubois Museum and two great hikes: Lake Louise and Bomber Basin. At the Wyoming Game and Fish Department sheep rangestay on the gravel road to the Conservation camp. And it has an amazing pay-off for such a short distance. We voted to reconvene mid-morning, check conditions, and adjust our plans.

Best trails in dubois

Stay on the Glacier Trail until a directs you to Lake Louise. This relatively flat loop is about a mile long, but you can easily link it to other trails for something longer.

Ramshorn St.